Thursday, October 25, 2012

New Zealand iBookstore

Good news for New Zealanders,

New Zealand users who have previously been unable to access my Multi-Touch book are now able to do so as paid books are now available on the iBookstore.

New Zealand is one of eighteen countries that had their iBookstore expanded, where previously they could only view and download free books, they are now able to enjoy a large and diverse catalogue.

Dreams and Nightmares available on the iBookstore

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Dreams and Nightmares available on the iBookstore

I am pleased to announce that Dreams and Nightmares is now available as a Multi-Touch book for the iPad. This latest edition contains the stories with new texture backgrounds and also a high resolution picture gallery of the illustrations. Get it now for $0.99

Dreams and Nightmares available on the iBookstore

Friday, February 3, 2012

Free Promotion

Dreams and Nightmares will be FREE at Amazon for a one day special on Feb 4, starting 12am Pacific Standard time to midnight. Don't miss out, Buy here.

Your reviews will be greatly appreciated.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Birth of a Writer

I can remember my first experience with writing. I was seven years old and hungry for adventure. At school, for creative writing, the teacher would choose the best stories for printing. It was like submitting to a publisher, every child wanted to be published and everyone was very secretive about what they were writing, hunching over their work, safeguarding it to make sure no one was reading over their shoulder.

Each week, the teacher would make her selection and type them out. The stories were not long, fifty to a hundred words roughly, but the teacher would leave each page half-blank, allowing the honoured authors to illustrate each page of their story. Finally, we got to choose which coloured paper we wanted to use for our cover and illustrate that. With two staples to the spine, we had created our own books. 

The finished project would then go on display in the class library. It was exciting and very competitive. Just like the real world, only the authors would read their own work and their number one fan being their mother.

When riding a bike I had to wear a helmet, and when riding a skateboard I had to wear knee and arm pads. At school, we were not allowed to climb any of the trees or play tackle bullrush, at least not while the teachers were looking. Growing up was very safe, and so I dreamt of action and adventure. I wrote stories involving my best friend and I, fighting and running away from dinosaurs, and travelling to Mars. I created a whole series of books about myself as an explorer and hero. 

My teacher contacted my mother, concerned that I had an overactive imagination, as the other kids wrote about going to the zoo or a birthday party they had attended, and whatever else they had disclosed at show and tell. Naturally, my mother dismissed the concern of me being imaginative during ‘creative’ writing.

From an early age I got a taste and craving for fiction writing. The smile I have whenever I see a finished product is always as big as when I was seven years old, having my story published.